About Us

Belay Advisory is a benefits consulting and wealth advisory firm

Our business is providing the right advice and support to:

  • Help employers take care of their employees, ensuring they attract, retain, and sustain the best and brightest; and
  • Empower entrepreneurs, professionals, and families to achieve clear financial goals.

We deliver certainty.

Why Belay Advisory?

Belay is a mountaineering term. To belay is to secure a rope, offering stability to a fellow climber until he or she achieves a sure position.

At Belay Advisory, we are a high-energy team of talented, determined, and ambitious specialists. We share deep knowledge and a commitment to exceeding expectations.

We are your belayers.  We ensure you feel secure and certain as you climb, ascend, take risks, and reach for your goals.

Why benefits consulting and wealth advisory?

Both disciplines operate on sound advice. 

Belay Advisory started as a working relationship between John Goode and Peter Liden in 1989.  Still at the helm of the company, John is an expert in benefits consulting and Peter is an expert in wealth advisory.  They were united on their belief that sound advice is a sure way to get results.

John and Peter also know that people are most apt to take advice when they have complete confidence in their advisor.  Confidence that is earned by working with integrity, demonstrating expertise, and leveraging experience for optimum results.

John and Peter built Belay Advisory on confidence. They built its reputation on client satisfaction.